Fuel Filling Stations

One of the directions of activity of the group of companies «INCONEX-COM» is the specialization in construction of filling station complex. Over the 12 years of its activity there have been built, re-engineered and updated over 800 Filling stations and petroleum storage depots. The construction projects have been carried out on the territory of 12 countries of CIS, Balkan and Eastern and Western Europe. The filling station complexes built by the company work on the territories of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxemburg and Hungary. The company is responsible for all the functions ensuring the work package on construction and re-engineering of filling stations — projecting, construction, packaging with necessary materials, structures and equipment and the delivery of the finished property to the client «key ready».

The presence of extensive production capabilities in Romania and Moldova, as well as those specialized in production for filling stations of the necessary materials, structures, accessories, promotional materials, allow the Company to ensure the projects under construction more than by 50%with production of domestic manufacture. There are created within the company mobile teams and groups of specialists, equipped with the necessary equipment, and accessories, which are able within the earliest possible date and of high quality to perform all the package of specific construction and setup works. This, in its turn, allows adopting a more flexible price policy with the permanent client, and to be more preferred on the services market compared with other companies.

That is precisely why our main client is the Company «LUKOIL». For this client, in the year 2006 alone, the Company«INCONEX-COM» has performed the Re-branding Program 243 filling station in the Western Europe (Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxemburg and Hungary), as well as tens of filling stations in Balkan countries (Croatia, Montenegro).

The company is successfully building filling station complex for other clients as well. Among them the Romanian company «PETROM», the Ukrainian company «WOG», «SlavNeft» Company and other clients.