About us

The industrial-building company «INCONEX-COM», reorganized in 1997, at present moment is one of the most successful and dynamically developing group of companies in the field of industrial and civil constructions, financial consulting, construction equipment and oil trading.

The main directions of its activity are as follows:

  • Civil, industrial and road constructions
  • Construction of huge sport complexes and stadiums
  • Performing of works on projecting and construction of large commercial centers and supermarkets.
  • Manufacturing of supporting and cladding metallic structures frames of buildings and facilities
  • Manufacturing an installation of facades and facilities cladding with composite materials
  • Manufacturing of concrete, reinforcing cage, sandwich-panels, paving tile and other construction materials
  • Manufacturing of metallic and fender post furniture
  • Construction, reconstruction and technical updating of projects of petroleum refining industry
  • Construction, reconstruction and technical updating of projects of gaz industry
  • Designing and construction of projects tor wholesale and retail sales of oil products (petroleum storage depots, FS and PSD)
  • Crude oil and oil products trading over Europe, Asia and Middle East.
  • Manufacturing of supporting and cladding metallic structures frames of buildings and facilities
  • Designing, manufacturing and installation of modem on-line advertisement and other elements of designing FS
  • Selling of cranes, heavy trucks, heavy mechanization and etc.

During the last 15 years, the subdivisions of the company group«INCONEX-COM», have performed the concomitant construction of industrial and civil projects, in more than 15 countries of CIS, Balkan, Eastern and Western Europe.

The average annual volume of building and construction woks performed by the company during these last years, In Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Luxemburg, Kuwait and Africa amounts to USD 1000 million.

The group of companies «INCONEX-COM» has over 300 highly qualified technical and engineering workers, employees and specialists, ensuring the efficient planning, organization and administration of work of a 5000 team, participants at the construction process on building areas. This allowed achieving high manufacturing efficiency and quality of the performed works. The successes achieved in these fields gave the possibility to the company to take up a leading position on the construction and consulting market.

The main efforts of the company administration are oriented towards the achievement of the main purpose set upon each of the company’s employee — satisfying the interest» and needs of our clients.

It doesn’t matter what country our subdivisions work in, we understand that the trust of our permanent clients and their growing number, is the result of our laborious work of all the company staff, quality, reliability and efficiency of the performed works and rendered services, in compliance with the international standards requirements.