Hydro industry

Together with J.S. «Hydroconstruction», J.S. «BIOTER», J.S. «ATOMON», J.S.C. «METROSTAV», A.O «MAGENTA» and A.O «BARDERA» construction companies, group of companies «INCONEX-COM» have constructed a number of objects of hydro/electro-technical, heat power projects, sea ports and water treatment facilities.

 Among them:

  • Hydroelectric power station in Vedeni, Romania, with volume of warehouse of 4,8 million in m/cubic and length of a dike of the item 78 m.
  • Hydroelectric power station Movileni, Romania. Capacity of 230 megawatt.
  • Concrete dike in Klokotish in height of 56 m. Volume of water: 3,3 million in m/cubic. Length of a dike: 140 m.
  • Hydroelectric power station on the river Riul Alb, Romania. The area of a water basin of 142 sq.km., capacity of 35,5 megawatt. Annual development ofthe electric power is 67 GWh/year.
  • Dike of Otrezeni on the river Arzhesh for provision of water for the city of Bucharest, Romania. Total length of a dike: 6000 meters.
  • Hydroelectric power station in Voleira region
  • Connection of sea moorings to highways
  • Sea landing stage with protective constructions
  • The pier for shelter of yachts with wave shield constructions
  • Treatment facilities