Quality Control


We supply only reliable drilling tools. There is a strict quality control at all stages of production from pipe billet entering to finished products. Quality control performs Technical Control Department.

Laboratory of metallurgy and heat treatment

Main activities of the laboratory:

  • Internal inspection of all billets for their chemical composition compliance, nonmetallic inclusions, etc;
  • Research and selection of materials, evaluation of their technological and service quality through a comprehensive analysis of their structure and properties;
  • Development of heat treatment and surface hardening modes for providing required properties of products;
  • Investigation of the causes of production defects related to metal heat treatment processes, and development of proposals for its prevention and elimination;
  • Analysis of premature drill pipe failure, diagnosis of the reasons of operational damage.

For solving these problems we use a wide range of modern methods of metallographic research and testing, including optical and electron microscopy, mechanical testing, microspectral analysis of phase composition, image analysis (structural components, nonmetallic inclusions and so on).

Metallographic inverted microscope Nikon Eclipse MA 100 is used to study the structure of metals and alloys. Enables to reach an increase of up to 1000-fold with high numerical aperture (up to 0.95). Also lenses of 50-fold, 100-fold, 400-fold are used. The final image is displayed on the monitor and using the built-in camera you can get a snapshot of the object.

This microscope is indispensable for metallographic studies conducting and provides a high-quality and accurate results.

Laboratory of mechanical testing

Laboratory of mechanical testing

In the Laboratory of mechanical testing of the Technical Control Department provides the following types of tests:

  • Tensile testing, which is conducted on a tensile testing machine P-50. Mechanical properties are tested on samples cut from the body of the pipe and welded tool-joint. According to test results, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and contraction are determined;
  • Test for resilience. The method is based on the destruction of the sample with the concentrate by one blow of Pendulum Impact machine MK-30A in the middle.

Important role in manufacturing process plays thread parameters quality control. For this purpose laboratory is equipped with a multimeter microscope UIM-23 with upgraded software and special video showerheads. The software processes the measurement signals and automatically calculates and displays parameters on the computer monitor.

Laboratory of mechanical testing

Technical Control Department

To ensure accurate control and thread profile parameters measurement we acquire «MarSurf» machine. MarSurf XC 20 is a perfect device that complies with the highest level of surface measurement techniques. This device defines all basic settings and profiles according to international standards.

MarSurf XC 20

Equipment in the laboratories of technical control fully meets required specifications. Each type of equipment and its software is identified and registered and is regularly tested.

In the laboratories of Technical Control Department work competent professionals. They constantly increase the level of qualification, and participate in scientific conferences.