Civil projects

The main achievement in our work considers capability complex decisions in construction tasks, possibility to carry out complete volume of building and construction works.

Availability of own workshops with alumi num profiles and composite panels, on production of metal designs, sidewalk tiles, etc. allows operatively and professionally product and assemble questions that influences terms and cost of building object.

Production portfolio, it is social — cultural and household objects contains:

  • Pharmaceutical factory «Perfuzon» (Moldova)
  • Sports base FC «ZIMBRU» (Moldova). Within the limits of the project have been constructed stadium on 12 thousand places, engineering communications, office premises, hotel, tennis courts which, except usual parameters conform to high standards of the international sports organizations such as UEFA and FIFA.
  • Center reconstruction on Rehabilitation of Children (Moldova),
  • Building of the Center of Culture, the Cult and Charities (Moldova), the area of 3600 sq.m.
  • Reconstruction by adjustment of penthouses for 5-storeyed apartment houses.
  • The trading complex «Agromarket» (Moldova), — representing 3 floor building with a semi-basement, the area 12000 M2,
  • Building of housing estates, office buildings in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia
  • Building of the central office «Lukoil — Moldova» (Moldova),
  • Building of the central office «Lukoil — Beopetrol» (Serbia),
  • Complex building — office with warehouses and hotel «Expo — business -Chisinau (Moldova),
  • Reconstruction of the center of municipal sanitary epidemiological station (Moldova),
  • Reconstruction and restoration of a building of territorial body of the Cadastre in Moldova,
  • Reconstruction of metal works factories of Russian company «MECHEL» in Otselul Roshu and in Tyrgovishte (Romania)

Together with companies J.S. «BIOTER» and J.S. «ATOMON» are constructed:

  • Highways
  • Railway branch lines and bridges
  • Airport

Constructed projects in cooperation with J.S.C. «METROSTAV», A.O «MAGENTA» and A.O «BARDERA»:

  • Construction of two metro stations in the city of Prague
  • Construction of thermo power station in Prague
  • Construction of a roundabout ring in Prague
  • Construction of tunnels and collectors in the city of Prague
  • Sport complexes
  • Industrial poligons
  • Roads and Infrastructure
  • Termal power station